Far Cry 2 Evaluation – I

Far Cry 2 is a follow up to Far Cry. Although it is a sequel it is absolutely nothing like the initial Far Cry. As opposed to an island you are in the african savanna, finding a tools supplier that is supplying the Alliance for Popular Resistance and also the United Front for Freedom as well as Labour with tools galore. Your task is to find this dealership as well as eliminate him.

In Far Cry 2 you could pick in between 12 personalities, picking just what character you are will certainly not have any sort of impact on the storyline. When you arrive in Africa you will find that your personality has malaria and you need to obtain medication periodically to deal with the signs and symptoms. In Far Cry 2 there are numerous tools as well as motor vehicles to choose from, consisting of boats, hand gliders, jeeps, flamethrowers, and also much more! The great thing about Far Cry 2 is you can play the game just how you want. If you don’t feel like doing a goal you could avoid it as well as come back to it later on. Exactly how you play it will additionally have an effect on the end result of the game, so choose your course wisely.

Some points you must possibly recognize concerning Far Cry 2 just before you obtain it is that the game map is huge! When I play the video game I most likely have the map out for around 70 % of the time I am playing. One moment you will certainly be driving down the roadway in your jeep, and also the following factor you know you will certainly be under fire from an opponent encampment merely up the road.

Now I will certainly inform you the pros and cons of Far Cry 2. Now this is my point of view and also it might vary from yours so please hang with me.


1. You could make a significant fire out on the open savanna.

2. Lots of different weapons as well as gear to enable you to play the game exactly how you desire.

3. Loads of different cars to get you around the incredibly large map.

4. Wonderful graphics and audio to make your experience additional satisfying.


1. You are regularly acquiring attacked by the enemy.

2. The map is in some cases as well large and is very annoying when you should drive a vehicle for 10 minutes simply to get to your objective.

3. Getting medication to treat malaria is quite time consuming.

If you dislike driving vehicles to and also fro throughout the map this game is not for you as most of your time in this game will certainly be in a car. Thank you for reviewing concerning Far Cry 2!