Fascinating Realities Concerning Songbird and His Involvement in Bioshock Infinite

If there is any type of villain personality that lots of gamers will certainly attempt to stay clear of in their preferred video games, then Songbird could be among them (as well as the other one would certainly be Shahdee from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within). Booker Dewitt, which is the main and the only usable character in Bioshock Infinite, is given a job by Lutece doubles, Robert Lutece and also Rosalind Lutece, that can help a girl called Elizabeth to obtain out from Columbia and also bring her safely to New York.

Comstock, that possesses many technology creations that were created by Luteces, especially the one that enables him to take a trip to lots of various realities and also timelines in the globe, clearly will not let that occur. Thanks to Luteces’ modern technology, he then orders Songbird, a robot bird, to secure Elizabeth in the tower of Monolith Island and secure her from any danger of outsiders, particularly Booker Dewitt.

With the time and also reality equipment created by Luteces, Comstock will undoubtedly recognize and can specifically anticipate that in the future, there will be somebody which will try to rescue Elizabeth and bring her out from Columbia.

And Comstock views this as one of the most unsafe hazard for him and his position in Columbia because if that involves fulfillment, folks in Columbia, specifically the team from Columbia government called “The Creators”, will no more trust him as a leader of the city, thus spoiling his plans to keep ruling Columbia up until his only beneficiary, Elizabeth, replaces him. For that reason, with the aid from Luteces, Comstock makes a decision to develop Songbird, an exceptionally effective guard that his main job is to shield Elizabeth from Booker Dewitt.

That is Songbird and also Just what is His Task in this Video game?

Songbird is a bird alike robotic. It is a robot, in the shape of bird, and his main as well as just task is to safeguard Elizabeth in the tower from any type of threat, specifically from Booker Dewitt. Given that Elizabeth is the most essential individual for Comstock (because Elizabeth is the only heir to his throne), so no wonder if Comstock creates Songbird as a truly, very effective guard for Elizabeth.

Having actually been armed with solid metal shield across his body, plus an actually large and also sturdy body, there is no chance Booker can ever before defeat Songbird in this video game, despite having each one of his effective weapons or telekinesis extremely powers.

The Information about Songbird

One interesting reality about Songbird is, despite its role as one of the largest enemies for Booker in Bioshock Infinite, it’s actually rare to see Booker obtain involved in the direct battle versus this gigantic bird. So don’t ever expect that you’ll have the ability to beat this bird in this video game as Songbird shows up just in a number of cut scenes.

The other fascinating reality about Songbird is that, the eyes of this bird has 3 various colors: green, yellow and red (comparable like the Big Daddy in the previous Bioshock video games). Most of the time, his eyes appears to be red, particularly when viewing Booker around Elizabeth. As well as if you view red shade in Songbird’s eyes, then it suggests this bird teems with rage and will certainly do hurt to any individual that acquires close to Elizabeth.

You do not have to stress anything regarding this bird as Songbird will only occur in some cut scenes, not in the direct fight versus Booker. Unless at the very first component of this video game when Booker tries to assist Elizabeth leave from the Monument Island. This is when you could terminate your weapon at Songbird, although it cannot damage him in any way.

Anyhow, besides red, the eyes of Songbird will certainly turn into yellow if he really feels notified with Booker’s existence around Elizabeth. His eyes will certainly turn to green if his rage comes to an end or in this instance, he already tosses Booker away from Elizabeth or also eliminates him. Many of the time, it’s Elizabeth which consistently handles to lessen his temper to the low, therefore sparing Booker’s life.

Then again, it’s great to listen to that you do not have to combat versus Songbird face-to-face in this video game because i think it’s gon na be truly difficult or also impossible for Booker to defeat Songbird even with all of his most effective guns or telekinesis powers. And also viewing how huge his steel-made muscular tissues as well as wings, and also, his gigantic claws, then there is no single question that this bird will certainly torn Booker’s body right into parts just before eliminating him. Lengthy tale short, Songbird is simply unsurpassable, or at the very least by Booker Dewitt.

Songbird’s Weak points

However, despite the fact that Songbird is irresistible by Booker, there are still some weaknesses that are possessed by this robot bird. To start with, as we currently know, Songbird is actually dedicated to Elizabeth since Songbird has actually been configured to do so. So this bird will never do any type of damage to this gal whatever. Which’s the weak point that Booker could constantly get benefit at. So every time Songbird is angry at Booker and also almost an inch far from eliminating him, Elizabeth consistently comes to the rescue and soothes him down, therefore conserving Booker from acquiring gotten rid of.

The second weak point of Songbird is that this bird can be regulated with a special flute called “The Whistler” provided by Elizabeth. This does not occur up until Elizabeth (when she currently becomes the leader of Columbia, changing Comstock in the future) drags Booker to the future and offers him the unique tool plus the track keeps in mind that can be made use of to control Songbird This is when the last weakness of Songbird is lastly disclosed to the gamers. Which is the full power of Elizabeth to open up the rips.

Remarkably, it’s Elizabeth, not Booker, that can actually defeat and eliminate Songbird permanently. After getting the instrument called “The Whistler” from Elizabeth as well as discovering concerning the track notes, Booker then uses that special groove to command Songbird to ruin the siphon. Evidently, this siphon has actually been managing Elizabeth from utilizing her power to open the “rips” at the greatest, hence stopping her to run away from the tower.

Consequently, after the siphon has actually been damaged by Songbird, Elizabeth can finally utilize her full power to carry her, Booker as well as Songbird to the city of Rapture, an undersea city made use of in the previous Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2. As well as sinced Rapture is an underwater city, under the deep blue sea, then the stress is very huge and also powerful adequate to kill any type of creature in this ocean.

And also many thanks to Elizabeth’s full power, she then transports Booker and also herself inside the building in the Rapture, while Songbird is transported by Elizabeth outside the Rapture structure. So the significant tension of the ocean finally kills Songbird.

The Brilliant Side of Songbird

Regardless of all the bad things that we currently recognize about Songbird, remarkably, there is still some shed of goodness inside the heart of this bird. If you’ve already played as well as completed this video game, then you clearly understand that the moment after Booker kills Comstock, Songbird remarkably makes a decision to assist Booker as well as Elizabeth to stop Vox Populi team from damaging the Zeppelin of the aircraft, some kind of equipment that is truly essential to obtain them securely to Monolith Island. So at this component of the video game, Booker could provide order to Songbird to attack any sort of threat from Vox Populi individuals around the airship.

The story concerning Songbird. With any luck, this short article can help you discover more about Songbird in Bioshock Infinite. Do you have any type of opinion pertaining to the existence of Songbird in Bioshock Infinite?