Halo Wars – The Game That is About to Take the Globe by Storm

Unless you have been living under a rock for the previous 5 years, you know about the Halo franchise of games. Halo 1 moved the original Xbox onto the scene as a major competitor to PlayStation 2 and put a whole brand-new spin on very first person shooters. Halo 2 builds upon the structure of Halo 1, expanding gameplay, enhancing graphics, and also proceeding the tale of Master Principal and the fight for civilization. Halo 3 was the flagship ready Xbox 360, making nearly $200 million in sales on the initial day it was launched and has actually now sold over 8 million duplicates.

As well as now comes Halo wars. The latest game from Bungee as well as Set Studios is expected to attack the shelves in late 2008 or very early 2009 with much expectancy.

Why Halo Wars, as well as not Halo 4? Well Halo Wars is a patently different game than its predecessors. While the very first 3 Halo video games were first-person shooters, having you take on the function of Master principal, Halo Wars is a video game of real-time method. Believe standard first-person shooter meets Wow. Needless to say, the general gaming experience is visiting be a lot different with Halo Wars. You’ll have the ability to control and also command armies, send them to do battle, or protect your bases.

Will all the diehard Halo followers be receptive to this new sort of video game? I think it is protected to state most of them will at least give it a chance, as all the familiar characters and automobiles will be showcased in Halo Wars, such as scorpion containers, UNSC Marines, and the Warthog. Expect some new, unknown personality as well.

The designers of Halo wars are trying to amass a new collection of video gaming fans, those who may be hardcore right into real-time technique video games like Starcraft or Wow. It may be difficult to gain these fans, as there are currently a couple of well developed real-time approach franchise business that have a quite dedicated follower base. With the popularity of previous Halo video games, numerous of these followers are most likely to be excited by Halo Wars. The developers understand this and are going out of their method to make a Halo Wars the most talked about method video game of the year.

While most of us wait in expectancy of the video game’s release, there is very little we can do besides speculate concerning the ins-and-outs of Halo Wars. The good news is, Ensemble Studios has actually launched a Halo Battles gameplay video clip to offer you a concept of the video games action. It’s very little, however it will certainly holdover the hard-core followers till we could play the video game ourselves.