What Is the very best Means to Defeat Handyman in Bioshock Infinite?

In Bioshock Infinite, Handyman plays an integral part as a bouncer that his major job is to shield Columbia from any type of attack as well as hazard of other people outside the city. In this game, Handyman is likewise one of several villains that will keep back Booker from getting in to the city of Columbia. Talking about his toughness, Handyman is an actually hard villain that could trigger such wonderful damages to Booker or even punch him to fatality.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that this big fatty tissue opponent possesses such a world power in his 2 giant hands, in Bioshock Infinite, Handyman showed could be defeated if you could integrate each one of Booker’s toughness, from his huge weapons and telekinesis powers, and then enhance the use of Skyline to prevent Handyman whenever he begins attacking you back.

In this write-up, there are some realities about Handyman that you possibly need to know about. And if you take place to have some sort of problems when encountering him in this game, here you’ll learn about how you can defeat Handyman and also what is the most effective way to eliminate him in this game.

Who is Handyman as well as Exactly what is His Function in Columbia?

First of all, you have to know about who Handyman actually is. In this latest installation of Bioshock Infinite, Handyman is narrated as a really huge man that all over his body is made from steel. So from his overall look, we could see how Handyman appears like a huge robot. Nevertheless, even though most of his body is made from metal, there are 2 components in his body that still humanize him, his head and his heart.

In fact, these 2 parts are the only real human components that can be found in Handyman’s physical body. Despite his robot look, it’s great to know that he can still think as a human as well as has a feeling of a normal human. Then once again, regardless of these 2 human parts that still make him a regular individual, Handyman is still an unsafe bad guy that has actually been configured by Comstock to quit as well as get rid of Booker every time they meet each various other in the fight.

Handyman Look in Bioshock Infinite

Handyman has 2 actually giant hands. These 2 doll alike hands are qualified to develop such fantastic damages to your health bar every time his jab lands in Booker’s face. That’s not so surprising given that Handyman has a really massive body, plus he is made from steel. So not surprising that if he has such a great power in his hands.

As shown in this most current Bioshock game, Handyman appears for the first time when Booker enters the drifting city of Columbia. In that part of the video game, we can see just how Handyman is being “showcased” in front of the people in Columbia on the stage, comparable like a “Freak Program” stage where bizarre folks are gathered around in one place to flaunt their weirdness to individuals.

The advantage is, in that moment, Booker, which hasn’t been acknowledged as “the False Sheppard” by the public of Columbia, doesn’t need to deal with Handyman yet in the direct fight. The bad news comes around when Booker finally has to satisfy Handyman in person in the genuine fight after folks of Columbia discover out about the preliminary of “ADVERTISEMENT” or Anna Dewitt on Booker’s hand.

Exactly what is Handyman’s job in Columbia?

In Bioshock Infinite, Handyman is offered a task by Comstock to shield Columbia together with individuals from the attacks and threats of Vox Populi, some group of people that protest “The Founders”, the group from Columbia government led by Comstock, as well as want to transform Columbia as a brand-new much better place where everyone’s, consisting of black as well as Irish folks, could be treated equally without any discrimination of race, people, or anything.

Besides shielding Columbia from Vox Populi’s assaults, Handyman also becomes one of Booker’s enemies, large employers to be precise. Handyman is likewise entrusted by Comstock to keep Booker far from Columbia as well as most importantly, from Elizabeth.

Exactly what is Handyman’s Key Toughness?

The most significant strength possessed by Handyman in this video game is the power to knock opponents down with his 2 gigantic hands. This is the reason why you as Booker has to remain in much range whenever you combat against Handyman in the battle due to the fact that if he handles to land his jab in Booker’s face, then the majority of the time, his huge hands could trigger such terrific damages to your wellness bar.

The other strength of Handyman is his capability to hack the Skyline as well as stream an electric shock to this track. Well, the Sky line is the roller coaster track that is spreading out across the sky of Columbia. This horizon is mostly utilized to transport payloads, while people with grasping hook, including Booker, can additionally make use of the Horizon to travel rapidly from one place to various other place without strolling.

However, when facing this large villain, you should be truly cautious when jumping to the horizon considering that Handyman is capable to shock you to death when he transforms the skyline into the electrocuted track.

Ways to Defeat Handyman?

There are numerous methods to beat Handyman. One of the most noticeable methods is most definitely by utilizing your huge guns like shotgun or various other powerful weapons available. Using simply big weapons to fight Handyman will not be efficient due to the fact that Handyman is truly strong and he could quickly bounce back to strike Booker with his large fatty tissue hands. Consequently, before dealing with Handyman personally, you must firstly master the commands of Booker and also recognizes how you can use each one of Booker’s weapons, including his telekinesis powers.

Utilizing the Horizon

Depending your life to your tools and also telekinesis powers, the Sky line can likewise be really helpful to prevent any type of strike from Handyman. You need to always be well mindful whenever Handyman uses his electric power to hack the Skyline.

Making use of the Weapons as well as Telekinesis Powers

And as i discussed previously, among the most effective weapons to eliminate Handyman is shotgun. If you occur to own this tool at hand, then you a lot better use it when facing Handyman. Aim your target to his heart as this is one of the most delicate aspect in his body. In addition to, even though the problems created by telekinesis powers are not that huge to Handyman, this magic power can still work to attack Handyman every single time you have a chance to use it.